Series 321


4PROTECTION, decorative protective for interior

4PROTECTION is ideal to protect, indoors, absorptive surfaces of various kinds that can be damaged in the daily use.
It creates a thin film-forming non-reversible barrier, protective, resistant to the usual cleaning and washing, which does not affect the aesthetic effect resulting pleasant to the eye and to the touch.
Exploiting the synergy of fluorocarbon and paraffinic components it imparts to the surfaces a good resistance to many water and oil soluble substances. It sharpens the deposit of dirt and grease and limits the formation of mold and algae.
It can be applied on various surfaces of various kinds provided being cohesive, absorbent and dry.
For its performance it is suitable for the protection and decoration of vertical surfaces in bathrooms and kitchens.
The cream formulation allows an easy and efficient use.


  • Title Technical sheet
    Kind of file PDF
    Sizes 174.35 KB
  • Title Safety Data Sheet
    Kind of file PDF
    Sizes 84.38 KB
  • Title Brochure
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  • Equipment Equipment
    brush , woolen cloth or fabric
  • Spreading capacity Spreading capacity
    max 15 m²/ per coat
  • Layers Layers
  • Thinning for brush application Thinning for brush application
    ready to use
  • Thinning for rag application Thinning for rag application
    ready to use

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