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Acrylic-siloxane anti-mould, anti-algae granite effect exterior wall coating with sparkling crystals.


ACRISYL DECORA is a wall coating for exteriors enriched with shiny crystals that creates a typical granite and natural stone finish characterised by tiny reflective points.
With a base of acrylic-siloxanic binder, it creates a protective coating with excellent water repellency and good water vapour permeability. It produces surfaces with high impermeability to atmospheric pollutants, protecting surfaces from the onset of moulds and algae.
Due to its characteristics ACRISYL DECORA is also suitable for decorative finishes on external thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS).


  • Title Technical sheet
    Kind of file PDF
    Sizes 190 KB
  • Title Safety Data Sheet
    Kind of file PDF
    Sizes 106 KB
  • Title Brochure
    Kind of file PDF
    Sizes 9 MB
  • Title DoP
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  • tools Tools
    plastic of stainless steel trowel
  • Coverage Coverage
    1-1,2 Kg/m² per coat
  • layers Layers
  • diluizione con frattazzo Diluizione con frattazzo
    ready to use
  • Marcromie Marcromie
    Tinting System Marcromie
  • Resistente a muffe ed alghe secondo UNI EN 15457:2008 e UNI EN 15458:2008 Resistente a muffe ed alghe secondo UNI EN 15457:2008 e UNI EN 15458:2008
    Resistant to mold and alghae UNI EN 15457:2008 and UNI EN 15458:2008
  • Marcatura secondo UNI EN 15824 Marcatura secondo UNI EN 15824
    Marking according to the standard UNI EN 15824

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