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ELASTOMARC GRIP, leveling elastomeric base coat

ELASTOMARC GRIP is a restructuring microfibrated primer based on acrylic polymers with elastic properties. ELASTOMARC GRIP maintains a high elasticity even at low substrate temperatures.
Its special formulation allows a high filling and hiding the imperfections in the surface.
ELASTOMARC GRIP is suitable for interventions in presence of micro-cracks subject to dynamic stress with low amplitude contained between 250 and 500 pm (0.25 - 0.5 mm). For wider cracks, subject to greater stress, consult the technical data sheet of the ELASTOMARC system series 415/417.
ELASTOMARC GRIP is used in presence of micro-cracks due to dilatation for the different thermal coefficient of materials and for retreat of plaster.
For its elastic properties ELASTOMARC GRIP must be overcoated with ELASTOMARC FINISH or with ELASTOMARC INTONACHINO.
Overcoating ELASTOMARC GRIP should only be done with elastic systems, the application of other products can cause cracking and delamination.


  • Title Technical sheet
    Kind of file PDF
    Sizes 180 KB
  • Title Safety Data Sheet
    Kind of file PDF
    Sizes 85 KB


  • tools Tools
    brush, short-hair roller or sponge
  • Coverage Coverage
    3 m²/l
  • layers Layers
    1 or more according to the type of intervention. Go to datasheet.
  • diluizione con pennello Diluizione con pennello
    ready to use; 10-20% max
  • diluizione con rullo Diluizione con rullo
    ready to use; 10% max

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