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KIRON, mica-finish anticorrosive enamel

KIRON is an anticorrosive enamel with a base of synthetic resins, anticorrosive pigments and laminar extenders, which enables metalwork to be protected against corrosion.
KIRON has a passivating effect thanks to the action of anticorrosive pigments which hinder the formation of rust.
Its special formulation means it provides:
- A passivating effect: the anticorrosive pigments in the product perform a passivating action, preventing the formation of rust.
- A barrier effect: the special laminar structure creates parallel layers of extenders inside the film which prevent water from being absorbed and provide outdoor resistance.
- A shield effect: the micaceous iron oxide and aluminium in the product prevent ultraviolet radiation from reaching the layers underneath, delaying the deterioration of the binder.
Owing to its special properties and aesthetic finish, KIRON is suitable as a primer and topcoat for application on exposed ferrous articles even in damp environments and in industrial or marine environmental conditions.
To improve scratch strength it is possible to recoat with DECORFILM OPACO 3740238, UNIMARC FINITURA LEGNO s. 318 or UNIMARC FINITURA CERATA clear 3120300.


  • Title Technical sheet
    Kind of file PDF
    Sizes 176 KB
  • Title Safety Data Sheet
    Kind of file PDF
    Sizes 107 KB


  • tools Tools
    brush, roller, spray gun and airless
  • Coverage Coverage
    8-10 m²/l per coat
  • layers Layers
  • thinner Thinner
    turpentine 5200010 or synthetic thinner 5210011
  • diluizione con rullo Diluizione con rullo
  • diluizione con pennello Diluizione con pennello
  • diluizione con spruzzo Diluizione con spruzzo
    8% max
  • Marcromie Marcromie
    Tinting System Marcromie
  • residuo secco a volume Residuo secco a volume
    46±1 %


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