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1.8 mm acrylic-siloxane anti-mould anti-algae textured wall coating for external thermal insulation composite systems


MARCOTHERM-SYL RUSTICO is an outdoor acrylic-siloxanic wall coating, smooth plastic with a plaster finish.
MARCOTHERM-SYL RUSTICO is a very thick coating with excellent water repellence that protects the support surface from atmospheric agents and pollution, and is also able to withstand the alkaline aggression typical of concrete surfaces.
Thanks to its developed formulation it preserves the aesthetic appearance of the finish from mold and algae, even under unfavorable conditions such as particular wet and rainy areas, conspicuous presence of fungal spores and environmental exposures in general.
MARCOTHERM-SYL RUSTICO may be used wherever good filling and masking power of the support surface is required, without cracking and peeling.


  • Title Technical sheet
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  • Title Safety Data Sheet
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  • Title Environmental Data Sheet
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  • Title DoP Marcotherm-Syl Rustico
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  • tools: plastic of stainless steel trowel
  • spreading rate: 2,7-3 kg/m²
  • coats: 1
  • dilution: ready to use
  • Tinting System Marcromie
  • Life Cycle Assessment
  • Resistant to mold and alghae UNI EN 15457:2008 and UNI EN 15458:2008
  • Marking according to the standard UNI EN 15824


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