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NEPTUNUS INTONACO DI FINITURA, dehumidifying leveller

NEPTUNUS INTONACO DI FINITURA is a fine-grained mortar to finish off dehumidifying mortars in the restoration of surfaces damaged by rising damp or the formation of saltpetre earth.
The high breathability of water vapour, together with its strong water repellence, render NEPTUNUS INTONACO DI FINITURA particularly suited to finishing off mortar work effected in restoration work:
- on socles in buildings with the aim of preventing rising damp and efflorescence;
- indoors for the dehumidification of rooms that are particularly damp (cellars, basements) or subject to condensation;
- on facades subject to strong winds and freezing and thawing;
- as a complementary treatment to damp-proof courses.


  • Title Technical sheet
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  • Title Safety Data Sheet
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  • Equipment Equipment
    trowel and sponge float
  • Spreading capacity Spreading capacity
    3 kg/m² (with a 20kg bag it is covered approx. 6,5 m²)
  • Layers Layers
  • Thinning for trowel application Thinning for trowel application
    22% (4,3-4,5 lt of water for 20 kg of grout)
  • Thinning for square trowel application Thinning for square trowel application
    22% (4,3-4,5 lt of water for 20 kg of grout)
  • Thinner Thinner


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