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NEPTUNUS RIEMPITIVO is a masonry preservative for exterior and interior walls, based on modified siloxanic polymers and special additives which give the product excellent permeability, together with a high level of water repellency and excellent chemical and outdoor resistance. Its special formulation enables very good filling and hiding power to be obtained, hiding surface imperfections.
NEPTUNUS RIEMPITIVO is suitable for protecting and decorating the walls of buildings of architectural interest, in restoring buildings in historical city centres and at the end of dehumidifying restoration cycles. In addition, it is specifically designed for creating base coats on which decorative “glazing” finishes are applied using VELATURE.
Unlike traditional water-based paints, NEPTUNUS RIEMPITIVO does not form a film, instead creating a porous covering which adheres perfectly both to mineral surfaces and to old mineral- or synthetic-type paints. Consequently, it represents an innovative alternative solution to mineral products, without the problems encountered when using lime-based or silicate paints.
NEPTUNUS’s formulation was devised in conformity with the Kuenzle theory which establishes that exterior plastering must simultaneously meet the following parameters:
Water absorption W<0.5 kg/m2 x h^0.5
Resistance against the diffusion of water vapour Sd<2
Product of W x Sd <0.1


  • Title Technical sheet
    Kind of file PDF
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  • Title Safety Data Sheet
    Kind of file PDF
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  • tools Tools
    brush, roller
  • particle size Particle size
    0,125 mm
  • Coverage Coverage
    7-8 m²/l per coat
  • layers Layers
  • thinner Thinner
  • diluizione con rullo Diluizione con rullo
    I°: 30%; II°: 20%
  • diluizione con pennello Diluizione con pennello
    I°: 30%; II°: 20%
  • Marcromie Marcromie
    Tinting System Marcromie
  • Life Cycle Assesment Life Cycle Assesment
    Life Cycle Assessment


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