About San Marco Group

About San Marco Group

San Marco Group Spa is a leading company in the manufacturing and distribution of paints and varnishes for the professional building industry in Italy.

With a history that began eighty years ago, San Marco has succeeded in changing with the times and the market's requirements, evolving into the benchmark company it is on the international scene today.

Established in 1937 in Treviso northern Italy, it can now vaunt 9 production and commercial sites in several countries, with a portfolio of some 6 brands.

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The pillars on which Colorificio San Marco has built its history of success are:

  • the care over relations with customers founded on the attention, advice, sometimes on friendship, and on the constant updating of knowledge through the LABFORPRO training courses;
  • a Research and Development that succeeds in proposing innovations which are in step with, and often precursors of, market needs;
  • attention to the quality of products and processes, as borne out by the adoption of strict disciplinary protocols to obtain internationally-acknowledged quality certifications
  • the composition of a broad and deep product range , which fulfils varied and specific requirements;
  • the selection of competent collaborators and the continuous improvement of their professionalism;
  • the commitment to adopting a philosophy based on sustainable development and on the well-being of people.

The strong and convinced anchor to these pillars has led to an increase in turnover uninterrupted and to a continuous expansion of markets served. Today, the San Marco Group is present in over 100 countries around the world.