Commitment to compliance with the law

San Marco recognizes as a fundamental principle the respect for the laws, rules and regulations enforced in all countries in which it operates and the principles and procedures connected to this purpose.

In this respect, the Company has been committed to realize a Management System of Health and Safety at the work place (OHSMS) as part of its working organization to protect the safety of workers, by virtue of which there is an obligation to:

  • comply with the current legislation on safety and health at work;
  • spread information on the risks to all workers, and constantly maintain their training with specific reference to the task being performed;
  • ensure consultation, participation and awareness of workers, also through the workers' representative for safety, in relation to aspects of safety and health at work;
  • design and implement manufacturing processes and activities with criteria that can prevent possible accidents, protect the safety and health of workers and the population, using for this purpose the best techniques available on the market;

The Company has also decided to adopt a Code of Ethics for real comply with the provisions of the Legislative Decree no. 8 June 2001, n. 231. The law does not require companies the obligation to establish this tool, but Colorificio San Marco decided to formalize and share the set of values​​, ethical principles and rules of conduct underlying its action.

The Code of Ethics governing the administrative liability of entities as a result of the commission of an offense or an administrative offense.

By reading the ethics code emerge all the values ​​on which we must base the work of the Company:

  • The collaborative spirit as a way by which it can be achieved internal cohesion and the creation of an environment based on the principles of equality and mutual respect.
  • The merit principle by which remunerating its employees evaluating the professionalism, experience and the ability to achieve the objectives assigned in strict compliance with the law of the same.
  • The pursuit of their own economic, social and productive objectives in accordance with the law, fairness and transparency of action.
  • The protection and spread of values ​​such as meritocracy, loyalty, professionalism, dedication, collaborative spirit.
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