Healthy Indoor Painting

Date of publication:: 13/06/2018
Category: BLOG
Type: Painters , Do-it-yourself , Architects , Retailers


Why is painting a house with lime paints an excellent solution? 
 Thanks to their high pH level, these products are excellent natural biocides that resist moulds and pests. Plus, they are naturally antistatic, so they do not attract dust and dirt. 

But there's more: they are particularly suitable for humid environments as they make the internal microclimate healthy and dry. They also give a high degree of breathability thanks to their hygroscopic properties, giving a narrower temperature range. They are also much more environmentally sustainable. Basically, you get a number of big benefits! 


Lime paints are also suitable for outdoor finishes. Specifically, they’re ideal for renovating historic buildings, luxury homes and country houses, where you’ll be wanting to revive or maintain the characteristics of the previous artisanal/Italian decoration work. 

The exterior walls finished with lime are more resistant to weathering. They prevent phenomena of degradation caused by damp, and counteract mold, algae, moss and the detachment of paint. 

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