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ACRISYL GRIP, acrylic-siloxanic base filler

ACRISYL GRIP is a base-product apply by brush or roller, based on siloxane polymers and acrylic dispersed in water. Special additives give the product excellent breathability combined with high water repellance and excellent resistance to outdoor and atmospheric chemical agents. Its special formulation gives it excellent power to fill and mask imperfections in the support surface, restoring the “plaster effect.”
ACRISYL GRIP is suitable for preparing wall surfaces of architecturally important buildings, in historic building restoration projects and fpr residential construction.
Unlike traditional paints with a water-dispersion base, ACRISYL GRIP creates a porous coating that adheres to both mineral surfaces and old mineral or synthetic paints, while maintaining its specific breathability.
ACRISYL GRIP provides an ideal primer for blade-applied coatings; it is also suitable for evening out hte appearance of wall surfaces between areas with new plaster and those with paints, such as when dehumidifying walls using diffusion plasters.


  • Equipment Equipment
    brush, roller
  • Granulometry Granulometry
    0,25 mm
  • Spreading capacity Spreading capacity
    5-7 m²/l
  • Layers Layers
  • Thinner Thinner
  • Thinning for roller application Thinning for roller application
  • Thinning for brush application Thinning for brush application
  • Life Cycle Assessment Life Cycle Assessment
    Life Cycle Assessment

Environmental Data Sheet

Carbon footprint Carbon footprint (eq. CO22 Kg.) Virtual Water Virtual Water
1 Kg 1 mq 1 mq 1 Kg
CO22 CO22 Cons. H22O Cons. H22O
1.110 kg 0.286 sq.m 12.000 sq.m 3.096 kg
Carbon footprint
Carbon footprint (eq. CO22 Kg.)
1 Kg 1 mq
CO22 CO22
1.110 kg 0.286 sq.m
Virtual Water
Virtual Water
1 mq 1 Kg
Cons. H22O Cons. H22O
3.096 sq.m 12.000 kg


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  • Title Safety Data Sheet
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  • Title Environmental Data Sheet
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