Professional Application Centres

The Professional Application Centres (CAPs) are a selected group of distributors which San Marco Group Spa has developed strong partnerships.

Having identified in the 80's a lack of preparation and professionalism in the building sector, San Marco decided to remedy working on knowledge, methods and tools of painters: only this way painters would have been able to appreciate the quality of products and they would have optimally applied them. Since painters were seeking advice and assistance from a specialized paint retailer, Federico Geremia decided to focus on this sales channel.

Professional Application Centres (CAPs)
In 2013, in Italy there are about 110 CAP and San Marco began the expansion of this strategy also on some foreign markets.

The launch of UNIMARC in 1982 was the first moment of structuring of the CAPs. It was selected a first group of distributors specialized in paints and varnishes, which were involved in a challenging but also exciting partnership: San Marco would have granted the brand in exclusive territories providing products at preferential conditions, technical equipment specific to the point of sale, documentation and merchandising materials, training for staff and customers, and would have got the benefit of an increase in sales volumes and an improvement in the awareness, image and reputation of the brand.

A win-win partnership in which the total supply chain makes a quantum leap: San Marco, the CAP distributor and painters as CAP customers. The year 1995 marks the year of the coming of CAP system, which was gradually extended to cover the whole Italian territory.