Before and after sales technical assistance

Colorificio San Marco offers customized services for each professional user (architects or application enterprises) from the selection of materials studied until the assistance on the building site.

The main services of Technical Assistance provided to the dealer are:

  • Technical assistance toll to respond and provide solutions to technical requests on products, systems and cycle of application;
  • Presence of a technician dedicated to your territory, for advices before and after sales con with technical drawings for interventions on new or pre-existing buildings;
  • Consulting in the building site for complaints on products and application cycles;
  • Theoretical and practical training taking place at the dealer’s points of sale dedicated to application enterprises , with specific courses on subjects like the thermal insulation coating systems, concrete repair, restoration of walls through dehumidifying systems, restoration of damaged surfaces, courses on decoratives and resins for floors;
  • Participation at Conferences with NATIONAL INSTITUTIONS of reference for the dissemination of technologies on insulation systems;
  • Participation in collaboration with our dealers at events and venues like Exhibitions, Open Day, etc.;
  • Consulting and management of insurances for the issuance of insurance certificates for coating systems or painting cycles;
Before and after sales technical assistance
  • Assistance to designers in the preparation of technical specifications, with updates on new technologies;
  • Assistance to designers in the preparation of technical specifications, with updates on new technologies;
  • Possibility to perform at the request of the designers dimensional calculations of transmittance, attenuation and phase shift for the design of surfaces to be insulated with thermal insulation coating systems;
  • Thermal and hygrometric analysis.


The Marcromie tinting system allows the realization of an infinite range of colors. The dealer who decides to adopt this system, acquires full autonomy and independence and is able to provide quickly the tinted material, with full satisfaction of its customers.

The Marcromie tinting system uses water-based and universal tinting colorants with configuration at 16 or 24 canisters.

They are available a series of equipment, like manual and electronic tinting machines, spectrophotometers, mixer, stirrer, management software that allow to consult the archives formula specially prepared to formulate the color samples and correct them. At disposal of the customer is a complete range of colour cards for traditional and decorative products.


The Lab Technicians are in charge for:

  • the development of the tinting system, in terms of products, formulations, advices on colours and equipment to count on an increasing reliability and reproducibility;
  • the equipment setting at the points of sale along with operators training;
  • the technical assistance with a complete after sales service to quickly respond to the customer’s needs and requirements;

Thanks to the continuous innovation on tinting colorants, equipment and colour advice we are able to offer advanced solutions.

Toll-free number available for the colorimetry assistance 800-131611 to support resellers daily

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Technological progress has, among its many effects, the demand for performances increasingly pushed to marketed products. The building materials are a very fitting example of this innovation effort. A situation of this type, however, poses a growing problem of credibility of the information and the uniqueness of their meaning.

Una risposta a tali esigenze è data dalla garanzia di parti terze (laboratori accreditati ed enti di certificazione) e dall’adozione di standard internazionali nell’effettuazione dei test prestazionali e nella comunicazione dei risultati.}}

Thus Colorificio San Marco, over the years, has achieved many product certifications, certification of applicators and corporate certifications.

This package, over time, has evolved steadily with the spill of claims now redundant and the introduction of the most current certification schemes; always with the objective of obtaining for himself, and for customers, an added value in terms of credibility.

  • Certifications of Products
  • Certifications of Applicators
  • Corporate Certifications


Since 1999, Colorificio San Marco, in collaboration with INA Assitalia, offers its customers the opportunity to protect their work with an insurance policy for a period of 5 years for the San Marco brand products, or 10 years for the Marcotherm system.

Certo della qualità dei propri prodotti, il Colorificio San Marco ha creato un sistema di polizze in grado di offrire serenità e sicurezza ad un prezzo competitivo che non incide significativamente sui sosti d’intervento.
Il Colorificio San Marco ha anche realizzato un’assicurazione che tra i propri rischi copre la posa in opera iniziale dei sistemi a cappotto, stipulabile dalle imprese CERTIFICATE ICMQ.

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Type of insurance policy Years Insurance of initial installation certified ICMQ * Costs
Marcotherm 10 No € 200,00
Marcotherm 10 Yes € 300,00
San Marco Coating system 10 No € 150,00 + 1,50% of the whole cost
Big Projects 5 No €150,00+0,70% of the whole cost max €50.000,00
€150,00 + 0,50% of the whole cost over €50.000,00

*initial work ICMQ certified

All warranties of San Marco insurance policies

Which risks cover:

  • miscalculations or design mistakes;
  • defects materials;
  • manufacturing errors;
  • the first installtion for the companies CERTIFIED ICMQ (at request for the Marcotherm and San Marco coating system).

Which expenses cover:

  • value of materials;
  • labor costs for the replacement of insuranced products;
  • costs of demolition / eviction;
  • costs of installing scaffolding, necessary to repair the damages.

Territoriality for the works execution:

  • Italy;
  • Member States of the European Union;
  • Switzerland;
  • Republic of San Marino;
  • Vatican City.

Search in the list the people located in your area who are certified for the application of the thermal insulation coating system.

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Marketing Activities

Browse the complete offer of marketing tools.

Colorificio San Marco puts at disposal:

  • informative paper materials: color cards and color charts, catalogues, flyers, posters, xbanners and products applied on panels which support the customer in sells and the promotion of products;
  • gadgets, displayers, handbags, signboards, posters and adhesives for the point of sale;
  • co-marketing actions: consultancy for trade shows and events, promotions, customization of clothing equipment, visits to consultants and direct marketing;
  • Prima Mano, the company’s house–organ which represents an efficient tool to inform the dealers and their customers about all news and initiatives involving Colorificio San Marco;
  • Preseason campaigns reserved for our CAPs and ">points of sale.

Colorificio San Marco considers it essential the opinion and advice of their customer in order to ensure a continuous improvement in the supply of products and services to be in line with the market needs. With this regard developed some communication tools for the customer/company like:

  • Customer Relationship Managment;
  • Questionnaires on customer’s satisfaction;
  • On line formats;
  • Social channels.
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Webmarketing Activities

  • All printed materials, and other additional information are available in soft format on our website and in the download area of the website;
  • Colorificio San Marco’s social networks – are a point of reference for the follow up and the feedback activities, where are shown all news on Colorificio San Marco’s activities, giving also the chance to contact the marketing staff;
  • Colorificio San Marco’s videos are available on the website and on our Youtube channel;
  • Colorificio San Marco’s newsletter is a tool which enable to be always updated on the news about San Marco and the new products available. Subscribe to the Newsletter;
  • Colorificio San Marco is providing its communication with the QR CODE technology;
  • Visiting Colorificio San Marco has never been so easy! Visit the Virtual Tour!;
  • Web Market Analysis and Market Researches.

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