B2. Thermal insulation in buildings Advanced

B2. Thermal insulation in buildings Advanced

Second level course, reserved for those who have already attended the basic course of THERMAL INSULATION IN BUILDINGS or has acquired extensive experience in thermal insulation coating systems. Advanced theoretical training, focused on the news and attention to detail.

During this course are given to assimilate the technical concepts and applications behind the thermal insulation coating system. The training is enhanced by the participation of technicians of the partner companies of Colorificio San Marco. The theoretical part follows a practical session, evolved and expanded, performed by all the trainees. The practical training will be held in the Training Center of Via Perosi, San Marco site dedicated to advanced practical training.

This course is valid as professional development for the maintenance of the ICMQ certification.

After completing the courses it will be provided a certificate of participation.

Marcotherm bag Marcotherm bag
supplied to participants


Theoretical part

  1. Presentation of Colorificio San Marco.
  2. Environmental product certifications.
  3. Components of the Marcotherm system.
  4. Waterproofing of the thermal insulation coating system and other details of construction.
  5. Examples of calculation and dimensioning of the thermal insulation coating system.
  6. Mounting parts for heavy loads.
  7. Fastening systems, in collaboration with FISCHER ITALY.
  8. How to take advantage of the tax incentives.

Practical part

  1. Preparation of the adhesive/leveler.
  2. Application of fixing accessories.
  3. Execution of thermal insulation coating system in mineral wool.
  4. Application of anchors on various support surfaces, in collaboration with FISCHER ITALY.
B2. Thermal insulation in buildings – advanced


  • Applicators and retailers experts in the thermal insulation.


  • from 10 to 15


  • Practical course


  • Marcon (VE)

Courses timetable

  • 1st day: from 9.00 to 17.00 from 8:30 accreditation
  • 2nd day: from 9.00 to 13.00

To attend the practical part it is necessary to wear accident-prevention shoes.

The Lab For Pro activities are reserved to dealers and professional painters.

Colorificio San Marco will only accept applications sent by the CAP (Professional Service Centres) and San Marco Dealers