C2. Restoration of facades and interiors

C2. Restoration of facades and interiors

Course dedicated to restructuring, then is treated the renovation of old buildings to solve the problems that the professional can meet: making the surface homogeneous from patches, cracks and fissures, rising damp, deterioration of concrete, infestation by mold and algae.

Important part of the course is dedicated to the restoration of degraded insulating coats, in these cases it is necessary to adopt the suitable cycle of application and products. It is expected the application of specific levelers and mortars in combination with various finishing cycles. After the initial theoretical part will follow an important practical part dedicated to the application, addressed to all members of the course.

The practical training will be held in the training center of Via Perosi, San Marco facility dedicated to the advanced practical training.

At the end of the course will be given a certificate of attendance.


Theoretical part

  1. Presentation of Colorificio San Marco.
  2. Analisi problematiche di cantiere e sistemi di intervento:
    - cavillature e fessurazioni, sistema Elastomarc A2, A3, A4 e A5.
    - superfici con rappezzi e imperfezioni, linea Acrisyl.
    - umidità di risalita, Sistema Neptunus e Eurosan Fast a basso spessore di Eurobeton.
    - calcestruzzo deteriorato, Sistemi Betoxan, Eurocret di Eurobeton.
    - muffe e alghe, sistema Combat.
  3. Focus on the degradation of the thermal insulation coating systems, the upgrading through combined interventions and the finishing products.

Practical part

  1. Preparation and application of dehumidifying systems.
  2. Applications of elastomeric systems Elastomarc A2 and A5.
  3. Application of base coat and finish for the restoration of surfaces with imperfections and patches.
  4. Intervention to restore a degraded coat.
  5. Application of products for repairing concrete and rebar processing.
C2. Restoration of facades and interiors


  • Painters and dealers


  • from 8 to 12


  • Practical course


  • Marcon (VE)

Courses timetable

  • 1st day: from 9.00 to 17.00 from 8:30 accreditation

To attend the practical part it is necessary to wear accident-prevention shoes.

The Lab For Pro activities are reserved to dealers and professional painters.

Colorificio San Marco will only accept applications sent by the CAP (Professional Service Centres) and San Marco Dealers