E1. Shop attendants basic

E1. Shop attendants basic

A moment of growth for those who every day, inside the point of sale, talk about San Marco products. Addressed to the new employees of the point of sale and to those dealers who have already acquired experience on field but still aiming to grow, deal with and be updated with the latest market’ news and methods of sale.

During the course it won’t be treated the products and their applications. Through practices and simulations, dealer will stimulated to improve themselves and make more effective their communication towards the final user.

After completing the courses it will be provided a certificate of participation.


Theoretical part

  1. The strategy and positioning of Colorificio San Marco’s offer.
  2. The knowledge of the market evolution.
  3. The purchase process; needs of the consumer and/or the customer.
  4. Basic communication elements: communication obstacles; understand and make someone understood; the listening.
  5. Interviewing techniques, the silence; making the customer talk.
  6. Negotiation closure management.
E1. Shop attendants – basic


  • Retailers


  • from 12 to 20


  • Theoretical course


  • Marcon (VE)

Courses timetable

  • 1st day: from 9.00 to 17.00 from 8:30 accreditation
  • 2nd day: from 9.00 to 13.00

The Lab For Pro activities are reserved to dealers and professional painters.

Colorificio San Marco will only accept applications sent by the CAP (Professional Service Centres) and San Marco Dealers