E2. Shop attendants advanced

E2. Shop attendants advanced

The training course will treat the subjects contained in the program into two different levels: the single entity, in his specific role capitalizes the relational operative methods developed through his personal and professional experience. The group as place where to exchange experiences and developments of skills necessary in the management of the role of sales account.

During the course it won’t be treated the products and their applications. Through inductive training methods, it will be used: brainstorming, role playing, videos, exercises and group exchanges.

After completing the courses it will be provided a certificate of participation.

Course speaker Dr. Alberto Canevali, corporate consultant -trainer and managerial coach.
After several experiences in large multinational groups (G. S. Supermercati, Gillette Company, Del Monte Foods and Nestle Group), in roles of increasing responsibility as Marketing and Sales Director, since 2000 he has been Business Management Consultant. For several years, he is also a teacher and coach at the major Training centers in Italy for Sales, Communications and Marketing (including the Customer Service area).


Theoretical part

  1. Market senario and new sales methods.
  2. Objectives and skills of the Sales Account.
  3. The sales phases through retail.
  4. Proper communication: welcome and know.
  5. The sales phases through retail.
  6. Different types of customers: how to behave?
  7. Enhance the own offer to introduce the price.
  8. Objections management.
  9. Conclude in the best way.
E2. Shop attendants – advanced


  • Retailers


  • from 12 to 20


  • Theoretical course


  • Marcon (VE)

Courses timetable

  • 1st day: from 9.00 to 17.00 from 8:30 accreditation
  • 2nd day: from 9.00 to 13.00

The Lab For Pro activities are reserved to dealers and professional painters.

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