F1. Effective credit management: safeguard tools

F1. Effective credit management: safeguard tools

Commercial credit management means being able to guarantee the forecasted company financial flows, reducing at the minimum the insolvency issues and payment delays.

The course aims to provide effective tools and methods to minimize credit losses.

Starting from the stage of the customer risk assessment, passing through the negotiating process and examining the reminders, the seminar aims to propose a new business model based on the Credit Policy.

After completing the courses it will be provided a certificate of participation.

Course speaker Dr. Alberto Sattolo, consultant and Credit Management trainer.
Expert in credit management for companies, he has provided for years training of practical approach in the classroom and in the enterprises, in addition to offering solutions for the improvement of the financial and sales management performance.


Theoretical part

Morning: the prevention
  1. Focus on the commercial credit: the creation of value for the company.
  2. Criteria to select and entitle a customer.
  3. Credit negotiation during the commercial process.
  4. The key indicators of the commercial credit.
  5. Classify customers according to the risk and establish an effective monitoring.
  6. The operational organization for an effective credit management.
Afternoon: the credits recovery
  1. Classify the debtors.
  2. The operational strategies to reduce the collection timing.
  3. The phases to recover a credit (internal solicit, extrajudicial, judicial).
  4. The internal solicit: examples and operational solutions.
  5. A practical model to manage the solicit of payment.
  6. Guidelines to create an operational model of credit policy.
F1. Effective credit management: safeguard tools


  • Retailers


  • from 12 to 20


  • Theoretical course


  • Marcon (VE)

Courses timetable

  • 1st day: from 9.00 to 17.00 from 8:30 accreditation

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