Corporate welfare

The welfare model of San Marco Group Spa: from the mortgage to the gym, from travel to school books.

Improve the welfare and quality of life of employees and collaborators, supporting the purchasing power to strengthen the sense of belonging to the company and attract new talent. These are the goals of the personal welfare plan proposed by San Marco Group Spa, that as early as 2013 established an innovative welfare model, with an offer aimed at satisfying the needs of a workforce composed of many young people, both single and with family.

Thanks to a software platform developed specifically, the company is able to detect the tastes and preferences of individual employees to turn them into real goods and services. Employees and collaborators can access the tool through Internet, to see the different opportunities and manage the personal position.

A wide ange of services provided by the company: individual retirement account, health and social care and reimbursement of education expenses for family members. You can recover the costs of enrollment and attendance at daycare, schools of varying degrees, universities and master, and still buy the library for children or use the benefits to enable them to participate in a summer camp or language courses. Employees can also use their virtual «welfare account» to attend gyms and sports centers, for travel or for access to fuel coupons and vouchers.
And to further refine the offer this year were introduced mortgages service and the opportunity to buy books on Amazon.

Winning relationships

"We want all our employees can benefit from services of high quality, consistent with their preferences and needs, at a competitive price - explains Mariluce Geremia, vice president of the San Marco Group -For a welfare system to be successful you need to connect, in a consistent and profitable way, the demand and supply of services. In the company we worked hard to listen and incorporate the needs of people, and we constantly monitor the level of satisfaction with the services to find any areas for improvement"