FSE Training Project

The expected results of the intervention respond to the company's decision to work with a new marketing and communications policy and in the professional development of human resources connected with the organizational model adopted.

Colorificio San Marco trains its employees through the project funded by the Veneto Region and the European Social Funds

FSE Training Project

European Social Fund together with the European Fund for Regional Development Region Operational Programme - 2007-2013

Project: From International Company to Internationalized Company
Project Code: 572/0/1/361/2014
Project CUP: H39J14001010007
Intervention taken at : COLORIFICIO SAN MARCO S.p.A.

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The purpose of this initiative responds to the company's decision to invest along the guidelines of the new company policy and the professional development of its human resources, namely:

  • The creation of a "New Model of Internationalization" adopted through the use of new innovative techniques and methods.
  • The development and adaptation of the human resources to the new sales organization.

The objective of the training section has also considered the need to implement an innovative marketing and communication model aimed on the one hand, to respond to the situation of economic crisis in the construction industry and the other to the competitive consolidation on national and international scale of the company COLORIFICIO SAN MARCO S.p.A.