The focus of our continuos training is targeting in recent years, to experiential training. Incited by the famous phrase of Confucius "if I hear I forget, if I see I remember, if I do I understand," we have promoted real training campus in experiential mode, in outdoor locations, to facilitate our learning in strategic issues as "Teambuilding" through metaphors loaned from the sports world.

Real experiences, which allow participants to deepen their mutual knowledge, to acquire shared patterns of behavior and to express thoughts and emotions in a space of freedom that fosters cohesion and team spirit.

Training Throughout the last two years the company has been involved in an innovative way with the aim of strengthening the "Culture towards the customer".

We have involved more than 80 employees, 2,370 hours of training, during which the use of Role Play, job training, the use of a real company blog supported by a sweepstakes, recording of the video on the culture towards the customer, have stimulated our thinking on the subject of winning relationships.


Training means also development of management attitudes: the company gives the opportunity to strategic positions to deepen managerial skills through participation in Master of international scope.

Investing in our ability to innovate on the relational as well as productive aspect, now more than ever can make a difference in terms of competitiveness.

In 2010, we involved our sales and technical team in an Team Building experience in Terzolas (TN), experiencing the thrill of Rafting. Last year, San Marco and Novacolor Export Divisions, with the support of Tommaso Reato captain of Rugby Rovigo Club, dealt with the techniques of building a winning team.

Train yourself, because we need all our intelligence. Fret, because we will need all our enthusiasm. Get organized, because we need all our strength.

Antonio Gramsci